Surrogate motherhood in the ukraine for you. (Berlin)

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Адрес: Суррогатное материнство для Вас.

Long-term experience of specialists shows that each case is special, and approaches to treatment are selected individually. Treatment of infertility is conservative and operative (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy). But there are cases when none of these methods of treatment of female infertility does not give the desired result. Then, ART can help (Auxiliary Reproductive Technologies) - a set of procedures in which conception partially or completely passes in the laboratory. Our services are suitable for those who want to effectively become parents of their genetic children.
Full transparency of financial conditions:

The agency's services cost from 2000 euros to 7000 euros, depending on complexity, an individual approach, which includes( Selection of surrogate mother, in accordance with your wishes and your diagnosis, all necessary legal services, supervision of the program.

Mandatory signing of the contract between the parties.

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Surrogate motherhood in the ukraine for you.

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